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The Mayeroni Myth Daoma Winston

The Mayeroni Myth

Daoma Winston

Published 1972
208 pages
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 About the Book 

ISLE OF SHADOWS Im in terrible trouble! You have to help me! Please,please...! Cecily couldnt ignore the plea for help that came from her twin sister. Despite all the difficulties Fabriana had caused in the past, she felt obliged to make the trip to Florida to determine what the trouble was. But she certainly didnt expect to assume the identity of her twin and go to Skeleton Key, and she knew nothing of the Mayan Indian curse that shadowed the lives of the Keys inhabitants. Hardly knowing how it happened, she suddenly found herself leading the life of an impostor --- pretending to be the woman Dwayne Fuller loved, while she herself was falling in love with Mark Winstead. Then she learned that murder had come to Skeleton Key... and with mounting horror she realized that she was to be the next victim...